Very Import : Michael Greger MD, the Cure for Heart Disease


  • This Comedians is a vegan lunatic.
    I eat just animal fats and it's great.
    To cure heart desease ? I don't have any. Just animal fat solved. You don't need plants .

  • So McDougal and Greger have conflicting views on fats, anywhere this issue is addressed by either?

  • i dont think people will ever stop eating meat. Even knowing about heart disease & after watching Earthlings. The taste is so primal. Its like sex in the mouth. Its easier to change a mans religion than his diet. Facts dont matter so much. Its just as easy to factually reduce religion to a smouldering mass of obsolescence, but that wont do anything- given that people have a need that it fills & so the truth lay dormant. This plant-based information is important, but in terms of the civilizations they only go one way- towards entropy (or straight to hell.) The irreversible devolution from indigenous to McD's is one that has to be prevented because it will NEVER EVER EVER be changed once it is established. People dont often change. Where change occurs is through successive generations- culturally & biologically but not in the person (not often anyhow) ((("A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it." Max Planck)))

  • Love ya, Dr. Greger, but a small point- the tomato was unknown in Europe until it was brought there from the New World in the 16th century. Being a nightshade, a member of the Solanaceae family with lots of poisonous members, it was believed to be toxic and was shunned for decades. Indeed this family is rich in the neurotoxin solamine, concentrated mainly in the skins, but clinical toxicity is rare. Documented, especially with green potatoes, but rare. Thanks!

  • What about the poor Pharmaceutical company's that will loose billions if this information was known to everyone.

  • Carbs cause heart disease

  • never trust a medical doc, he's after your money first, health always comes in 2nd

  • I went 3 weeks vegetarian and I felt great! I went back to my ways and by day 4 I started feeling like crap again.

  • Only white people thought the tomato was poisonous. The indigenous people of the Americas knew that tomatoes weren't poisonous because the tomato were originally only found in the Americas; not that it matter in this context thought.

  • Praise The Lord!  🙂

  • NO THEY DIDNT user/NutritionFactsOrg/videos

  • Nobody wants a cure otherwise yourdoctor is out of work. When are people going to realize its you against the government and medical care . Stop looking to doctors and the FDA and look to science your just dollars to big pharma and always will be. Either you realize this or you are in trouble.

  • More people should pay attention to Dr. Greger.

  • Because of salicylate sensitivity, tomato actually can cause BLEEDS just as aspirin can….

  • YouTube took down Gregor's channel…

  • Clinging to orthodoxy should never be a part of any science field or subject. Sadly, medicine has been converted to something thats anything but science. It's become a money-making machine that profits out of sick people, and the more sick people there is, the more money pharmaceutical corporations will make. And that's just wrong…

  • Check out his page on wikipedia. Notice anything funny that shouldn't be there?

  • He is mugging the camera so hard I thought it was the start of a porno.. all poutty lips and half-closed eyes.. I think I'm gonna barf..

  • 3:50 tomatoes are in fact neuro toxic. The 'Atropa Belladonna' might contain anti oxidants and vitamins but will kill you. Nightshade vegetables are a package deal, you also get plant neuro toxins that can contribute to arthritis, rheumatism, etc.
    People in Europe also though tomatoes where toxic, the egg plant was called 'mad plant' and does contain high levels of nicotine (one of the many neuro toxins found in nightshades).

  • I'm 54 now, when I was 41 I had a heart attack and a week later five bypass surgery. I've never smoke in my life, or drink alcohol, or drink coffee! My doctor told me it was genetic predisposition. but he never told me, you have to change your lifestyle! I've been eating chicken breast for 12 years on my own, I stopped eating red meat ever since, but the Dr. didn't tell me that even lean chicken breast was bad for my health. 12 years everyday eating chicken breast.

  • In conclusion: people aren't smart, attentive, and rational?

  • He's so awesome. I love him.

  • This is one of the few vegan doctors I respect 🙂

  • Is there a food you can eat that will help Hair Loss ?

  • The prevention & cure for the modern day plagues we call heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer etc. Is as simple as removing most sugars/carbohydrates & of course trans-fats from ones diet. It really is that simple.

  • I have been eating a whole-foods, starch-based diet with fruits and vegetables and no oil. I eat as much as I want. I feel great. I'm in better physical condition than everyone I know. I don't see any doctors, I don't get sick, and I don't take any medication. 

  • So much scientifically proven results showing animal based foods are bad and still so many ignorant people that have been brain washed and still coming up with lame excuses why they continue to do it… I never thought people couldn't be so defensive of the food they consume .. People eating meat, eggs and dairy are contributing to cruelty on a daily bases while consuming it while we have clear proof of the Heath risks….Fark me…. YOU know its bad, you know its unhealthy but your to farking lazy or ignorant to make change…. Hmmm…Are you brain washing your children too?

  • Brilliant presentation!  Love this doc!

  • Who has read The Perfect Health Diet by Paul Jaminet? The book say that we should ideally be getting 50% of our calories from fats as they burn cleanly than glucose. The  books also says that whole grains are toxic and damages the gut. And legumes like lentils and beans should be given up or should be soaked in water for 24 hours and slow cooked to destroy the toxins. Only white rice is toxin free. He says get your protein from animal sources. The diet is 70% plant food and 30% animal food. 

  • Dr. Greger's video on the vegan who died after 40 years, is one of the most educational videos that I have seen!

  • I love Dr. Greger's website and presentations. 🙂

  • Kim: What "you want to look at" is who's having  heart attacks, and it's not  whole food vegans. The longer one stays WFV, the closer to no chance of heart attack. 2nd-generation life-long WFVs have Zero chance.

  • The smoking gun for vegetarians and vegans is that we humans cannot produce B12 on our own and need to get it from a food source. The only way to get B12 is from meat period! If you do not eat meat, then you have to supplement or fortify what you eat with B12. The fact that humans have arguably been around for hundreds of thousands of years and could only have evolved by eating meat to obtain the B12 is proof positive that we have been eating meat in abundance for thousands of years and our bodies have evolved to handle and thrive on animal proteins.

    Vegetarians and vegans can certainly survive on a plant based diet but are not going to thrive in the long run. There is a difference. Sure they may feel better going from the official SAD way of eating to eating healthier plant based foods but ultimately will have to pay the price by constantly supplementing their food intake with vitamin and macro nutrients that they are not getting as a result of not eating animal products. They are also required to do a ridiculous amount of exercise to burn the glucose intake. Without exercise and supplementing B12, Vegans and Vegetarians could not survive.

    I will not argue however, the despicable state of our modern meat industry laden with hormones and chemicals. So, one should seek out meat that has been humanely and responsibly raised.

    Not sure how the non meat eating community can just stare the hard evidence square on and come to the conclusion that it would be better to avoid meat and choose food that needs to be fortified artificially. Seems pretty silly to me.

  • Vegan family here! Great health. We have not even had a cold in five years. We take pb8 and mushrooms to prevent colds and flu. Protein is actually a little high. Some of us are raw vegan. It's easy and feels great! Cured grandfather of stage four cancer so he is a believer in natural healing 🙂

  • Dr. Greger's style of education is in process of changing the nation, unless the meat and dairy industry can continue to fixate our nation on their cancer and heart attract offerings.

  • More straw men from the master.  I had a T-bone steak on Saturday, equal amounts of squash my girlfriend grew, wild asparagus she picked, a little red wine.  Comparing plant food with animal food is just confusing the issue.  No one I know of is suggesting we eat a meat-only diet.  But the case against saturated fat has been destroyed.  And Greger himself admits that vegans and vegetarians have poorer health incomes than the general population, and have to carefully monitor their diets and take drugs and suppliments, just to catch up to them.  To catch up to the general population, not even health-conscious omnivores.  To catch up to the Bugle-munching, pop guzzling, chain-smoking, Chicken-McNugget-dipping average moron, vegans have to really really try hard. 

  • i thought i didnt like this guy.. maybe im wrong