Very Import : Heart’s Medicine – Time To Heal PE – Surgery, Level 56 – 60 (#17) (Let’s Play / Gameplay)


  • I don't understand why people hate Allison ending up with Connor so much. If you play the game, you WILL SEE that Connor has always been there for Allison (not kidding, he's literally there in almost every single level starting from Physiology) and he's the one that always TRIES to cheer Allison up, even so far as to go on a date doing things that he might find boring (tho Allison changed it up and liked the same things he likes). What did Daniel do? After the accident, he shut himself off, totally refused to talk to Allison to the point that Allison is screaming at him to go testify for Sophia's sake, then he finally goes and testify AND THEN HE DISAPPEARS TO INDIA WITHOUT LETTING HER KNOW. He didn't even ask bout Allison when he called. Sure they did went on a couple(?) of dates in the first game but as the second game rolls in, they look more to just being really close friends. Allison deeply cares for Daniel but Daniel, on the other hand, is just there being so caught up with impressing his dad that he doesn't even know how to take care of himself. Connor may be abit of a dick in the first game but that was because, at that time, he just got to know Allison and in his bio, it's stated that he communicates better with kids than with adults, Allison included at that time. But he has a soft spot and HE SHOWS THAT SOFT SPOT with Allison over time, growing increasingly caring for her and it really shows in the second game. For me, I'm really glad Allison ended up with Connor, tho in the third game it's revealed that there will be a love triangle (sigh), so fingers crossed that she stays with Connor.

  • I'm extremely annoyed with how Daniel popped up at the end, thinking how he basically left Allison to drown in her own negative thoughts while he rejuvenated himself spiritually in another country. I'm super proud of Connor for stepping up and being there for Allison, though! Like, really, he's the MVP (other than Allison of course). Also, I would've enjoyed seeing Princess at the end, or maybe Lisa and her dad? But overall, the story was awesome. Oh, except for the fact that Joe passed away and Sophia is mourning. The scene at the end broke my heart. The ER was my favorite area up until his death. Other than that sad angst, this game was extremely well made and not what I expected at all! Thank you for playing a walk through on YouTube! I didn't have the money to pay for the full episodes ,:)

  • wth is wrong with everyone CONNOR WAS THERE FOR ALLISON through and through.   So he was "dating" around early on, have you people dated one person exclusively your entire life?  You pick the person that is there for you during the BAD as well as the good.  Daniel ran off to "find himself" and didn't even care to ask about Allison when he did call.   Connor was there, he even tried to make a date night about Allison but Allison changed the activity but its the fact that Connor was there and he TRIED with all of his heart  to be there for Allison.  If you people can't see that, then you don't know love period.  Daniel was childish and has daddy issues, yeah, that always works out wonderful in a relationship doesn't it?   Connor did it RIGHT and he was there for the long haul.

  • what was the story with Daniel, I'm at the part where he left after the funeral. I can't believe allison ends up with Connor, ugh

  • I would love to see how you got all the trophies im stuck getting the last two the one that needs to fill all stations and have atleast one person waiting to check out, and the collect all other trophies one 🙁


  • I am happy that she picked Connor. I kinda think Daniel isn't mature enough (ironically) for a relationship

  • wasn't is suppose to have 90 levels?

  • I looked this up just to see who she picked in the end. Ugh I don't like Conner. He came across as a jerk in Heart's Medicine: Season One. But then again I'm still in the early stages of this game and so far I'm not impressed with romance part of this game at all.

  • Aw… She choose Conner