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  • "As I look back on that period, I realize how true it is that one of the primary differences between alcoholics and nonalcoholics is that nonalcoholics change their behavior to meet their goals and alcohlics change their goals to meet their behavior." (Alcohlics  Anonymous Pg 423)
    This morning at 9 AM I went to a self help class that is offered at the homeless shelter I currently stay at.  After 40 minutes of this man (who claims to be a doctor)  talking I left the class.  Around 9:45 AM I started yelling and screaming in the street on 6th Ave.  I screamed at everyday citizens and a security officer.  I am sick and tired of feeling like I am going through some invisible lobotomy by this "shadow government".  I am tired of feeling like I am not entitled to have a personality because of the ego with psychology.  I am tired of feeling like I am supposed to be disabled for the rest of my life.  I am tired of feeling like I am just a hospital dress because of the imagination others have relating to psychology.  I am tired of feeling screwed up because I am homeless and stay at a homeless shelter.  I am tired of having my "symptoms" be manipulated into something else because that is how one "sees" it.   I really hate how I feel when I start to think about the police department and mental health.  I hate how I feel when I when I realize I am not a man because of the imagination other men have relating to manly order.  I am sick and tired of feeling less of a man because I was never in boy scouts, was never in the military, and/or never played sports like baseball and/or football.  I am tired of feeling like I have no life experience because I never practiced anal sex with a female.  I am tired of feeling like I am just another "she" because I practiced gay phone sex, practiced gay sex acts on Skype, and performed safe casual sex at places like a gay bath house.  I am tired of feeling like I am not global as someone who was once trained at schools like Academy of Performing Arts San Diego, The Edge Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, The Joffrey Ballet School New York, The Rock School for Dance Education in Philadelphia, and Lines Ballet School.  I am tired of feeling like I do not understand anything sentimental as someone who trained in classical dance at schools like The California Ballet School, The City Ballet School of san Diego, and San Diego Academy of Ballet.  I am tired of feeling like I am a poor excuse to be a man because I am openly gay and studied dance.  I am tired of feeling like I do not have courage because I performed the fairy tales with The California Ballet at venues like The San Diego Civic Theater.  I am tired of feeling like I never understood anything about feminism as someone who taught dance to children, teens, and adults for many years and was once a dance partner to Miss San Diego 2004.  I am tired of feeling delusional as someone who is over a year clean and sober off of drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.
    "It 's not how much you drink, its what drinking does to you." (Alcoholics Anonymous Pg 443)

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