Very Educative : Anatomy of the female reproductive system


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  • unable to view the content of this video, only the audio is available

  • Isn't this a brief video on the uterus during pregnancy?? Wheres the rest of the anatomy… and not just during pregnancy. Where's the vagina, fallopian tubes, cervix, clitoris, labia, ovaries etc ??? Not hating… just wondering why this video was called 'anatomy of the female reproductive system'…

  • I think that this is the wrong video. It's the same video from meet the placenta but cut short. Please fix.

  • This is a horrible representation of the female reproductive system. No speak of the fallopian tubes, cervix, vagina, clitoris, ovaries, etc. Please tell me that this content is not meant for people over the age of 4… and while we are on that topic, it shouldn't be shown to those under age 4 because it would give them an inaccurate depiction and false sense of their own bodies….

  • Good video but where's the rest?